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New Year, New Beginnings 🎊❤

To say it's been a while would be a ridiculous understatement. So much has happened in the last 5 months. To tell y'all all my lil business: One of my roommates dipped out on us. Which was a whole situation, so I ended up getting a second job. Then my sister and I started an at-home daycare because my sister was watching Grace while I was at work anyway, and she's got like 9 years of experience as a nanny. So I was going to work, then coming home and helping with the daycare, then working my at-home job as best I could while trying to make sure I spend time with Grace before she went to sleep. It was just a lot lol. Moral of the story, I didn't have much time for blogging. Things eventually got settled and we got a handle on everything, so I didn't need my second job, praise God. I hated working away from Grace, and she hated it too. Once everything calmed down, I realized my spiritual life wasn't where God and I wanted it to be. So I've really buckled down on trying to build that. Then Thanksgiving and Christmas came around and so we were soaking up family time with my side of the family and Grace's Dad's side. Now here we are in the new year and I'm trying to just balance everything I got going on now. So that's where I've been. Life has been extremely hectic lol.

The growth between August and Now is crazy. To God be the glory. I've realized so much about myself that I need to heal from and grow out of. My friend's podcast has really helped me envision the woman I want to be and I've been actively trying to be her. Shout out to Javeba and The Thriving Mama Podcast. If you're a mom and you're trying to get back to finding yourself, I highly recommend it [The link will be at the bottom of the blog ]. But anywho, I am unlearning negative habits, trying to stop the negative self-talk, and trying to keep God's word and God's promises in my mind. And keeping positive thoughts on the brain, because I tend to be very pessimistic. It is definitely a process, so I'm not just a changed person. But I'm way closer to being the woman I want to be than I was 5 months ago.

Blessings of 2023

First and foremost, I have a 1-year-old y'all!! :) I can't believe it's been a whole year since I had this little girl. A year full of memories and love. I am overjoyed. I am so excited about this next year of mommyhood. I love everything about mommyhood, including every challenge and every hard day. January 18th, 2022 was the day my life was changed forever. So excited to see how she grows and changes in this next year. <3

Secondly, This year is the year that I take some major steps forward toward my career as a Childbirth Educator and Doula. I am very serious and passionate about my career. I love everything about pregnancy and birth and motherhood. All paths of conception, all forms of mothers, all forms of birth. This year is a big year for me and I am taking time for myself and my personal development. Focusing on bettering myself. And becoming a Childbirth Educator/Doula is a huge part of that. God has blessed this career path and shown me that this is the path for me as of right now. I am beyond excited. I'll update you guys on that in more depth another time.

Other than my career, I have a lot I want to work on. I want to become the best mother and woman I can be. I want to show Grace what a God Fearing woman should look like. I want to give her my best self. So I am really focusing on that, especially self-care-wise. I've never done well with the self-care thing. But this year I absolutely want to do more to take care of myself, even in simple ways like having time in the morning to meditate on God's word. I'll really be getting into my hair and my skin this year, so if you're on my social media you'll probably see more of that as well.

I am spending a good amount of time just praying over the year not only for myself but for the people I love. I'm on a 40-day fast where I am just intently and intentionally praying and trying to implement habits to set the foundation for this year. I pray this year is full of growth and blessings. Yes, it will have its trials and there will be tough times. But I pray for strength and peace to everyone who reads this. All my love folks, till next time <3

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